Architecture UI Fair (AFAIR) is an annual event in a form of open house which is hosted by Architecture Student Council and Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia. For the 5th time, in 2014, AFAIR consistenly present with a contextual theme for architectural world and another creative fields. AFAIR 2014 is wrapped in a series of events which are competition, lecture and discussion, social workshop, talkshow, and exhibition.

' Architecture for EveryONE ' is a theme chosen in AFAIR 2014. By this theme, AFAIR tries to show the other side of design and architecture, about how design has to fulfill various and specific needs and desires of each individuals. The concept of space as body extension shows how a design is made with understanding every special characteristics of each individuals.

On the other hand, in practice, architecture and design are often unable to fully respond the needs of each individuals variety special characteristics because of its costs and its productivity efficiency consideration.

With theme "Architecture for EveryONE", AFAIR 2014 tries to looking back the possibility of architecture starts from the smallest scale. Every design element was designed based on each individual. Each design has its "own selfhood". Every standards and methods that already exist can be turned into many possibilities.

It's not matter of the sake of may people or individuals, but rather how the design can pass through the process of establishment based on its user's needs and desires.

  •      Lecture &
    Open Discussion

    A lecture open for public, and also a part of the series in AFAIR 2014 which aims to brief all the participants of the design competition and open project in a form of lecture about basic theories used in design process. Lecture about body and space that intensely related to the competition theme. Open discussion between famous architecture figures that discuss about the theme intention of AFAIR 2014 to expand the view of the participants of design competition and open project about the theme which is about body, space, and personal space in a design. How the design's conditions using standardization as a contrast towards the need that could not been fullfiled by the standard system.

    Architecture For Kids

    The concept of this workshop is designing playroom for kids based on their imagination as a form of fulfillment of their own desires. The participants of this workshop are grade 1-3 elementary school age children. At the end of workshop, the product of the kid's imagination is a design form of their own playroom.

    Main Event

    A closing of the AFAIR 2014 events series, also as the main event that will display the works of architectural design studio course, architecture elective course, and another architectural projects of University of Indonesia. Moreover, the selected works of design competition and open project participants will be showed.
    And also there will be a talkshow from famous architects and communities that deals with the theme of AFAIR 2014 for discussing about architecture beyond standard. The topic of talkshow is questioning two main question under the theme "architecture beyond standard"; how is the influence of the design which following the standards towards the user?"

    FARID RAKUN (Jury Competition)

    Born in Jakarta, 1982. Studied Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, in 2000-2005. After working in the construction industry for four years in Bali, New Orleans, and Phnom Penh, he decided to take a break by being active in ruangrupa, functioning mainly as an editor Karbon Journal from january 2010.
    He also taught at his almamater and Tarumanegara University, both in Jakarta, as a facilitator for design theory classes and design studios.

    BUDI PRADONO (Jury Competition)

    Budi Pradono is founder and principal of budipradono architects. He studied at Duta Wacana Christian University and at Berlage Institute, Rotterdam. His works are published and exhibited worldwide and awarded with numerous prizes, i.e. Cityscape architecture award, Dubai 2004, Honorable mention of AR Award for Emerging Architecture, London 2005, and short listed for world Architecture Festival Award, Barcelona 2008, Silver medal and Honorary diploma INTERNACH, Triennial Architecture, Sofia Bulgaria 2009.

    JOSHUA SIMANJUNTAK (Jury Competition)

    Joshua Simanjuntak, a graduated from Royal College of Art, is a passionate furniture designer who runs an award winning design consultancy, Zylia Design Studio. His vision of improving Indonesian furniture designs has brought him into various project both private and goverment supported, all looking to improve industry design standards.

    DAVID HUTAMA (Speaker)

    David Hutama ST, M. Eng is an architect that also works as head Department of Architecture Universitas Pelita Harapan, teaches architecture at Universitas Pelita Harapan, and teaches at Art Explore (Creativity school for child at South Jakarta). He obtained his bachelor degree from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan.
    Then he completed his Master degree at Toyohashi University of Technology, Aichi, Japan in Architecture Theory and Urban History. He had written some papers about urban issues and critics of architecture.


    Gunawan Tjahjono is Professor of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. He is also a member of editorial board of Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review and Journal of Southeast Asian Architecture. His research interests focus on urban planning, architecture heritage and teaching methods for architecture.

    ROBIN HARTANTO (Moderator)

    Studied Architecture at Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, in 2007-2011. He worked as junior architect at Avianti Armand Studio in developing designs and researching about architecture, on February 2012-july 2012. He is also known as the writer of many relative issues in Ruang Jakarta.

    Contact Alita 081288183255

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